By registering and activating your account we will help you find your new first-hand apartment in Stockholm. This is done by scanning all the landlords in Stockholm every 30 seconds for a new "first come, first served" apartment. That is an apartment where you do not need time in a housing queue but instead the person who first sends in an application gets the apartment. We will notify you immediately via e-mail and sms when a new apartment matching your wishes is published and can thus make sure that it is you who gets the apartment.
Register your account here and then activate the service.
When you have activated your account you will be notified immediately when a new "first come, first served" apartment that matches your wishes is published.
Our apartment notification service costs only 299 kr (399 kr) for 30 days. It is also possible to add notifications via SMS for 99 kr.
All payments are done via Klarna. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard or invoice.
No, we have no binding period. You can at any time stop your apartment notifcation service. If you stop the service before the current period ends you will continue to receive notifcations of new apartments until the end of the current billing period.
Yes, so that yo do not miss any apartments that are published we automatically renew your subscription every 30 days. You can at any time deactivate automatic renewal of your subscription via your account settings.
With our money back gurantee we will refund your money if you are not happy with the service and contact us at and answer a few short questions within 14 days of the start of the service.
Yes it works!
Every month we notify our customers of about 200 new "first come, first served" apartments, which gives you a much greater chance to get an apartment without time in the housing queue.
Last month we sent out notifications for 37 one room apartments, 76 two room apartments, 44 three room apartments as well as several larger apartments!

If you are not satisfied, you are welcome to contact us here and we will help you.
Around 20 landlords in Stockholm puts a part or all of their free apartments directly on the web instead of using a housing queue. These apartments either go to the person who is absolutely first to send in an application or the landlord picks or draws one of the first applicants to the apartment.

In any case you need to be fast and in order to not have to spend your day by the computer and continually checking the different landlords websites you can register at and activate your service and then get a immediate notification as soon as a new apartment is published.
We help our customers to get apartments in all areas of the greater Stockholm area. I.e from central areas such as Östermalm, Söder and Centrum to surrounding municipalities such as Sollentuna, Bromma and Arlanda.
You will receive a message as an e-mail and/or an sms depending on what level of service you have purchased. Since we scan every landlord in Stockholm every 30 seconds this means that you will be notified immediately when a new apartment is published.
No, we scan for so called "first come, first served" apartments that do not require any time in a housing queue but instead goes to the one who first sends in an application for the apartment.

However, some landlords require that you are registered before you can submit your application. It can therefore be a good idea to have registered an account at the landlord's website before you get the notifaction from us about a new apartment so that you can send in your application as fast as possible. We do of course inform you of who these landlords are when you have created an account to that you can register with them.
No, does not own any homes but instead monitors the various landlords that are in Stockholm for new "first come, first served" apartments which we then help you get the contract for.
A "first come, first served" apartment is an apartment where the first to send in their application to the landlord is the one who have the greatest chance of getting the apartment. This means that you do not need to have any time in a housing queue for a "first come, first served" apartment. Most of the time, these apartments are only published for a very short time on the web.

Note that we also monitor a few landlords who do not rent out their apartments according to the "first come, first served" principle. In these cases, they can instead select or draw lots for the apartment among those who have been quick enough to send in their application. By using our service you have a great advantage here as well as the apartments are only published on the web for a short time.
It is "first come, first served" first-hand contracts for rental apartments in Stockholm and the greater Stockholm area.
For most apartments we notify our customers about, it is required that you are:
* Over 18 years
* Free from payment remarks
* Have an income sufficient to pay the rent.
Snabbostad provides help with quickly searching for apartments with a wide monitoring.
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